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Housing.com.pk is unique platform for real estate agencies to showcase your Inventories to Real Estate Buyers, Investor and Builders without conflict of Interest. We assure your privacy and leads cannot be transfer to anyone at any cost.

How did it all start?

Founded in 2011, Housing.com.pk has come a long way from its beginnings in Lahore. Their mission is to make Pakistani real estate accessible and convenient for everyone.

What do we do?

Housing.com.pk connects buyers with sellers and builders with landlords for highly user-friendly real estate experience. The extensive listings and projects on offer provide something for everyone when it comes to property.

Exclusive marketing by Housing.com.pk

The trust and reliability that Housing.com.pk brings to our projects, and the expertise of our marketing and sales teams, have led to this success. Our team uses a 360-degree marketing strategy, covering all aspects of property, and helps buyers on every step of the way with guaranteed.