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Housing.com.pk Help Center

Question1. How to Register?

At Housing.com.pk we offer 2 type of user account 1st is Agency where our valued real estate office member can manage their team to post ads and manage their listing quota and the 2nd is Individual user where a user can post ads and manage their profile with any administrative account. You can get register on the Register Free page

Question2. Can I post free ads?

Yes! A register user can post upto 5 Premium ads and 1 Hot Ads free of cost. To get extra listing quota to boost up their listing visibility on Housing.com.pk, you can contact our sales and support team anytime.

Question3. How to buy Listing Package?

If you need extra premium and Hot Listing to get maximum response from our platform you may contact our sales team anytime.

Question4. What is Agency?

Agency is place where your office staff working as a group to perform particular tasks assigned by you as the agency owner or team administrator. As an example if you have a total of 10 users listed as your agency staff, you can manage/assign listing quota where each of staff member will be responsible for their specific tasks related to listings, follow-ups and inquiries etc. Remember that a particular staff can be a member of one Agency at a time and cannot exist simultaneously in Agencies

Question5. How I can add new staff member in my agency?

To add new staff member in your agency you can use Admin access account of the Agency Goto www.housing.com.pk/panel Under the Agency > Staff Member. In this section you can register a New User under your agency or Invite Member if the person is already register user of Housing.com.pk